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RANCH MODEL SILENCER CHUTEsilencer hydraulic cattle squeeze chutes

SILENCER hydraulic cattle squeeze chute

SILENCER Ranch Model is ideal for a wide range of livestock operations including ranches and cow/calf operations. Head and tailgate doors offer 26" of clearance to prevent lower body hangup of pregnant cows and herd bulls.

The SILENCER Ranch Model hydraulic squeeze chute with full-opening headgate and tailgate, mainframe 4 x 2 x 1/8" rectangular tubing and 2 x 2 square tubing, 1/8" wall sidegates, polyethylene bearings, polyethethylene contact points, fully sheeted headgate and tailgate, reinforced construction, 3 spool hydraulic valves, 5--4 x 2 cylinders, 1--2 x 6 cylinder, main cylinder pins greaseable, fitted hoses, 30 ft. of extension hose. SILENCER chutes are PRIMED before electostatically painted.

One year warranty.

Weight without pump --------- 2000 lbs.
Silencer pump weight -------- 235 lbs.
Overall Height ------------------- 93"
Head and Tailgate Height --- 67 1/2"
Inside Chute Height ----------- 67 1/2"
Overall Outside Length ------- 102"
Overall Inside Length ---------- 91"
Total Width Doors Open ----- 67"
Total Width Doors Closed --- 59"

See SILENCER CHUTE OPTIONS for a list of available custom built options.


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