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SILENCER CHUTE OPTIONSsilencer hydraulic cattle squeeze chutes

SILENCER Extended ModelNOTE: image of extended model


EXTENDED MODEL: Designed for personal to walk behind restrained animals, preg checking, AI services, etc. SILENCER Extended Models are available in either the Ranch, Heavy Duty, or Commercial Pro Model and will add an additional 900 - 1000 lbs. depending on the model. Overall Outside Length -- Ranch & HD = 130 1/2 " -- CP = 132 1/2". Overall Inside Length -- All Models = 120 1/2".

SHORT YEARLY MODEL: NEW option with same overall SILENCER dimensions and a lowered drop-bar area for more body access on lightweight cattle. * available with 1 Yearling-Side and 1 Regular-Side.

PIVOT CONTROLS: Allow operator to move controls from one side of chute to other as well as adjust controls up and down for added comfort. Mounted to allow operator to move controls from front-to-back or side-to-side.

RUBBER-BELTED LOUVERS ON SIDEGATES: Allow animals to move through chute without being distracted by humans while at the same time operators can easily see animal. Louvers (INSIDE VIEW) prevent animal from seeing outside.

HYDRAULIC LOWER SQUEEZE: Quick hydraulic adjustments allow for 350 lb and 2500lb animals to come one after another. Provides stability to animals in SILENCER chutes thereby minimizing bruising, falling down, and providing operator safety. (Hydraulic Lower Squeeze SIDE VIEW)

SIDE EXIT: Available on both left or right, or both sides of SILENCER cattle chutes.

HYDRAULIC HEAD RESTRAINT: Adjustable to different animal sizes, the head restraint provides animal stability while giving implants, mouthing, tagging, etc. Can be removed if not needed or used as a neck bar for added head stability.

REAR WALK-THROUGH DOOR (26"): Recommended for the SILENCER extended model chutes. Door is located inside the mainframe. Door swings out to allow for preg-checking, castration, etc.

ADJUSTABLE NECK BARS: Provide head stability and 4" of neck access for processing, implanting, etc.

ADDITIONAL NECK ACCESS: Available in SILENCER Heavy Duty and Ranch Model / Comes standard in SILENCER Commercial Pro Model. Provides 12" of additional neck access behind the head doors.

HYDRAULIC KICK BAR: NEW option to increase safety when performing tasks such as preg-checking, castration, scrotal circumference measurement, etc. (CLOSE UP VIEW)

HYDRAULIC NECK EXTENSION BARS: NEW option to provide additional head control. Hydraulically moves the head forward, left, or right. Provides added operator safety. Provides even more neck access. (SIDE VIEW) : (TOP VIEW)

DE-HORNER HEAD RESTRAINT: Moves the head down to provide access to horns and can be used in conjunction with neck bar and hydraulic head restraint. DE-HORNER w/ Hydraulic Head Restraint)

REBAR FLOOR: Made of 3/4" high tensile rebar with 3/4" spacing between bars. Allows manure to fall through floor during processing keeping chute cleaner. Works well with over-head scales.

BRISKET BAR: Good for older animals. Easily removable by loosening two nuts.

DROP PANS: Provide full access to the bottom of the animal. SILENCER cattle chute drop pans can be custom cut to provide part or full access to the bottom of the animal. (1/2 DROP PAN)

HYDRAULIC LEG PULL: Hook onto leg and pull leg back for castrating, trimming, etc. in conjunction with drop pan down. (LEG PULLER CLOSE VIEW)

ELECTRIC HYDRAULIC PUMP: SILENCER provides the quietest hydraulic vane pumps available. Top of the line Baldor 5 HP industrial motor available in 220 single phase or 3 phase.

GAS HYDRAULIC PUMP: Honda 6.5 HP engine for use in remote locations. Single spool valve with pressure relief, reservoir, oil filter, quick couplers, carrying package.

SCALES: SILENCER cattle chutes come with either Platform Scales or Overhead Scales. Overhead scales promote longer life of chute and easy clean-up. Platform scales are designed low profile to allow cattle to flow easily in and out of chute. Contact Us for additional information on SILENCER chute scales.

CARRIERS: SILENCER cattle chutes are available with different types of carriers: Yoke, Carry-All, and Overhead carrier.


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